Meru Collective.

We helped build Meru Collective from the ground up. We offered multiple solutions from naming, branding, through to building their e-commerce store. The brand is focused on outdoor clothing while being economically friendly. With this in mind, we designed their logo to be the word ‘Meru’ with an outline of the Meru mountain running throughout the wording.

Once we had the branding completed, the next stage was to create their e-commerce store. This was built with a content management system, so they could update products, stock and pages without our help. The design was focused around user-friendliness while keeping in mind the outdoor aspect of the brand. This developed into a unique website to match their clothing.

The next step was to create offline advertising, this leads to the creation of the ‘Minimise, Maximise’ campaign. Which was aimed towards climbers that cared about the environmental impact. We developed two posters, each with a unique background. One using a photograph from a field trip to showcase their new range of clothing and the other a graphic designed in-house of the Meru mountain.