Fortitude Fitness.

Fortitude Fitness is a company run by a freelance personal trainer and physiotherapist. Being a new start-up business, Pete required the company to be branded from the ground up. We want to create a professional yet modern and stylish feel to the brand. Pete was keen to have the logo symbolise the three main aspects of the brand, Exercise, Diet and Lifestyle. We decided a triangle would best illustrate this concept, each point represents one of the different elements of the business and together they create the whole shape. If one point was missing the shape would be incomplete. We used this theme throughout the rest of the branding to create a coherent, uniform feel across all of the marketing materials.

Working with The Digital Nomads has been an absolute pleasure, their attention to detail and professionalism is second to none and they worked efficiently to make my designs stand out. The team were very friendly and helpful, they really cared about my business as if it were there own.